natural remedy used for many common ailments

Improve Your Overall Health With Pure CBD Oil

Single-source organically grown hemp from the Pacific Northwest USA

Discover the purest CBD Oil extract available in the market

Cannabidiol or CBD is just one of the active cannabinoids that are naturally occurring in the Hemp plant that work in conjunction with the Human Endocannabinoid System. CBD and the other cannabinoids play a vital role in creating the balance among the many operating systems in our bodies.

We proudly offer single-source, organically grown Pacific Northwest Hemp. Our oil is rich with all of its naturally occurring cannabnoids. We work hand in hand with one farm. We extract, finish, formulate and package under our roof from there.


TRU –CBD may relieve your joint pains and take you back to action


A drop of TRU-oil may relax you after all the hustle and bustle of city life


Cannabidiol has been shown to improve symptoms of depression significantly and helps improve overall quality of life


Cannabidiol is responsible for an antioxidant effect and has the ability to “cleanse” toxic substances obtained from foods or produced in the body itself.

Why One Tru Human CBD Oil Stands Out From The Competition?

Harvested with care

Third-party lab tested

NON-GMO, Gluten-Free, VEGAN

TRU-Humans dedicated to help humans

Tru CBD flowers were grown organically beneath the clear skies of Oregon, USA.

Harvested with care and transformed from “soil to oil” under the trusted hands of our farmers and their family-run organization. Tru CBD has been known to work effectively for many of life’s activities from easing stress to increasing focus and on some skin disorders. Tru CBD will deliver the perfect balance that your body requires.

Formulated in Los Angeles, CA by One Tru Human Our multi-use oil is safe to consume by mouth or through topical application.


Is cannabis safe and effective as medicine?

…. No public health problems have been associated with CBD Use ….

World Health Organization (2018)

…. No evidence that CBD causes physical or physic dependance  ….

Food and Drug Administration (2018)

Upcoming Events

One of the founders will be onsite to answer questions and share insider industry knowledge about hemp and the benefits of cannabinoids and what One Tru Human is doing as a company.


Tribeca Apothecary

Certified Retailer
138 W Broadway, New York, NY 10013


New York Chemists

New York Chemists is an independent, family owned, community pharmacy located in Greenwich Village.
77 Christopher Street, New York, NY 10014


Organic Planet Pharmacy

A full-service pharmacy including full-line pet products
205 N 9th Street. Brooklyn NY 11211

There’s a One Tru Human product for everyone.

Marty grows small batch,
high-quality hemp.

Marty Bates and his family have owned and operated their farm since 1941 and it has seen many changes. The most notable change occurred three years ago when Marty’s son, Sterling, convinced him that hemp would save their struggling dairy business… One Tru Human just started…

We are humans dedicated to helping humans.

The simple slogan ‘Humans helping humans’ has been and continues to be the driving force that inspires our work. Our brands are created by and for the people that need a little help.

CBD and the plant it is derived from, have been unconditionally helping people for thousands of years.

Nothing is ever asked for in return.

TRU CBD products straight from
the farm into your mailbox




Whether it’s age, hormones or daily stress, I’m not sure of the cause, but my symptoms have been severe bouts of insomnia, which triggered brain fog and a an inability to stay focused. I felt unproductive and scattered which lead to anxiety.  I started taking taking TRU before bed and It has brought restorative sleep back into my life! I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. If I start feeling scattered or unable to focus, I’ll take 2-3 drops in the morning and it’s as if all the items on my To- Do list, sift into order. Since taking TRU I feel calmer, healthier and so much more productive.  Thank you!



I started to experiment with TRU in the hopes that it would help manage the pain associated with a torn muscle in my shoulder. I have avoided surgery for many years by treating the injury holistically and have made much progress but the frequent sharp pains have never gone away. I have been taking TRU for almost 2 months on a daily basis and not only has the shoulder pain been reduced to almost zero but my flexibly has increased tremendously! In addition some amazing side effects have been much lower anxiety, a greater sense of calmness and sleep that I have not experienced since my teenage years. Topically I have used TRU to help heal small cuts, calm an ear ache and soothe scratchy skin. TRU I can’t live with out you now!

Southold NY


I was very hesitant to try TRU but once I read an article in the AARP magazine I changed my mind. I asked my primary doctor what his thoughts were on CBD Oil and he felt it might help my cancer situation since the cells do not like the oil. So far it seems to help my sleep and I feel more relaxed. TRU has also helped manage my pain caused by a compression fracture in my spine.

Queens, New York


I’ve been taking TRU for one month primarily for my anxiety disorder. Since taking TRU my anxiety has subsided and I sleep so well!! I wake up rested and feeling stronger and more confident for the day ahead. If I know I am heading into a particularly challenging situation that will cause my anxiety to flare up, I take a dose and it hasn’t let me down yet. I would recommend TRU to those seeking an organic method to treating their anxiety. My primary care physician is also happy that I am able to manage my anxiety without the use of drugs that are considered controlled substances and in my opinion drugs that have given me many negative and hurtful side effects. I’m so grateful. Oh, and it is an amazing topical ointment that has treated some pain! Thank you to Buck and the TRU team for caring so much about my personal well being!

Baltimore MD


I’ve been taking TRU for sleeping and I’m finding it helpful. I mentioned to my hairdresser about the product and she was very interested since she has knee pain and foot paint constantly.

72, Queens New York

Britney V

I’ve been having an easier time breathing and digesting. It also calms the baseline anxiety of living in NYC, where I’m exposed to inflammatory toxins daily.

27, New York

Jay Lane

As a lifelong athlete, I make it a priority to train and supplement my body with the best products to help optimize and maintain my performance. I’ve used Tru CBD every morning for the past six months.

43, Los Angeles

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