The Humans Behind Tru

What is One Tru Human? Why are we here?


Some answers can be complex, our isn’t. We believe we are here to help each other.

One Tru Human is humans helping humans.

During 2017, Buck and Marion ~ two humans from wildly different worlds ~ met at a music festival and without understanding why, forged an honest friendship.

Buck being a 45 year old man, born in Queens, NYC spent most of his adult life working on Wall Street. After dropping out of college and working in a pizzeria, like any kid from Queens, he got arrested for smoking marijuana. Bucks father, in turn, made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. He would assume a real job or live in the park…. in 1996, Goose Pond Park was not a pretty park so, his career in finance began. Buck scored a job working under (as popular culture would know them) the mongrels from the movie The Wolf of Wall Street. From that moment on, Buck’s life would turn into quite a wild ride. 18 years passed in a moment and 2009 came round, everything was lost, Buck (weighing in at 260lbs) and his world and everything he built.. collapsed. He called it quits and moved to California to spend a year and a half alone in the mountains to rediscover and redefine his life.

Our wild hair, Marion, on the other hand stood at the age of 24. Born in New Orleans and raised in the south. Marion never developed an attachment to one place and often never had a consistent home base. She moved around by the whims of her feet and used the wind as direction, consistently alone. She experienced life in an entirely different way than Buck. Marion had learned the trade of silversmithing to make a living for the past three years and in April 2018 she enrolled into a goldsmithing jewelry program in California ~ that would fall apart before her eyes just days before it was to start. Devastated, she turned to mother Mary and went to live and work on a cannabis farm around Big Sur.

Marion and Buck stayed connected, working on concocting similar ideas in line with one another’s aspirations. Buck propositioned a large idea and told Marion that he needed someone that was the equal and opposite of him to help. He could not promise her a salary but did promise that she would not go homeless or hungry if she was willing to give it a go… to simply help.

Marion moved off the farm and into Los Angeles, where she assumed the right hand position of Buck’s assistant.

Buck was winding down his edible business as cannabis became legal. Christmas 2018 rolled around and Buck gave Marion a piece of paper with a website on it.

The website was named TRU CBD.

Buck gave Marion a website domain and the beginnings of company. And they were off to the races.

They shared their stories with one of Buck’s oldest friends Pete. Pete is an incredibly talented and award-winning creative director. Pete heard their story and didn’t hesitate, he was in.

One more Tru Human involved that would help with the branding. Pete asked for nothing. They approached another old friend for backing, shared the story of humans helping humans and soon, three..became four.

The simple slogan ‘Humans helping humans’ has been and continues to be the driving force that inspires our work.

Our brands are created by and for the people that need a little help.

CBD and the plant it is derived from, have been unconditionally helping people for thousands of years.

Nothing is ever asked for in return.

Simplicity, no expectations.

We are humans dedicated to helping humans.