As a woman presenting a CBD tincture and smoke line publicly…

I am gaining my knowledge through the wisdom of my elders and through the experience of the journey

The first editions of our products were handed out to my friends and loved ones, looking for honest critiques, opinions, reactions, comments, etc.

As I began to tell my friends what I had been doing the past year, in tangible representation..

I began running into the question I didn’t fully know how to answer…

I could not find a definitive yes or no.

This question was proposed by my friends who maintain sobriety…

“Is there THC in there? Can I use these products? I am sober”

As I stumbled over my words (the first time I was asked)

 it sounded a little something like this ..

“Well, there is a trace amount of THC in every HEMP  plant, they are the same family. You are not getting stoned like marijuana but it also doesn’t feel like you are smoking a cigarette.”

As I looked into the eyes of an individual I care for, I recognized how much responsibility this task is.

The task of distributing a sacred plant, courteously and thoughtfully.

Every individual is so uniquely tuned, there can be no one generalization.

I became perplexed by this conundrum, I am equally fascinated and concerned by intoxicants (my grandma used to call them “poisons” ~  when referring to drugs, hallucinogens, alcohol or pharmaceuticals) and the power they hold over human beings..

As I have continued to have a multitude of different conversations with a multitude of different sober individuals, I have come upon a few understandings.

First off, how sensitive are you? And how long have you been sober?

How bad did it get? How far did you fall?

The answers to these questions are not posed for judgement, they come from a place of care. While others may push you to feel shame, we urge you to feel strength, in sharing and in expression of what you have been through. We would like to make it easier to continue.

That being said,

SMOKING the herbal cigarettes is an action that can be triggering.

Our hemp is dank, it’s stanky as hell (hats off to our farm-men)

So, the smell alone could be triggering, it might remind you of smoking weed. Depending on how far down the rabbit hole you traveled, this could cause you to open the door you worked so hard to keep closed. And that is the last thing we want.

I’ve decided to share two accounts, where I discussed the topic with sober friends.

One of my loved ones, has maintained his sobriety for 10 years.

I found our conversation to be extremely helpful in my understanding of triggers.

I said…

“Would you use CBD topically?”

He said “No”

I said “Tell me why..”

He then explained…

“Imagine you spent a long time building a fortress of bricks around yourself. For years, brick by brick, you built a wall strong enough to keep out certain ‘friends’ (referencing drugs and alcohol)

Now, one day…someone who is friends with those ‘friends’ builds a flying contraption and suddenly they meet you at the top of your wall, greeting you with a new proposal.

The fact of the matter is that your safety depends on keeping the group out of your space, and if you let one person in, who is to say you won’t let the next person and so on. It is risky..”

I answered with a question or two…

“Why does tobacco get to live inside the fortress? Why does coffee live there? They are the more gentle friends?”

He said..

“You know that is a good question. Honestly, the only way I was able to get sober and maintain it, was to submit to the Al Anon Program and put myself through the hell of restriction. And since day one, the founding members of the program smoked cigarettes and drank coffee, so they are sort of the OG aids or accepted vices. They were allowed into the program and that’s that, bottom line. The program only works if you’ve fully submitted and strictly follow its guidelines. It’s the only way I have seen people remediate their lives. It’s the only thing I’ve seen successfully pull people off the streets.

That last statement alone, gave me a sort of clarity.

Another account being, when I recently received an email from an individual I met in El Rosario, Mexico ~ a couple of weeks ago. I accidentally sat at the table he was eating dinner at, regardless he invited me to stay seated with him. We got to conversing and told him of our objectives with what we were doing with CBD. He told us of himself… I left him a business card, told him to contact me sometime.

Weeks later I received an email from him. It read….

“At 71 I have truly excellent health.  I swim a mile, walk my dog an hour, ride my bike, and meditate for an hour daily.  I do vigorous yoga four times a week for an hour and a half. I am going off my blood pressure, cholesterol, and my Paroxetine for depression.  I have no physical pain and sleep nine hours a day. My diet is mostly vegan with meat once a week. Why would a person like me need to take CBD?  I am sober for seven years and use no recreational drugs. I am trying to be open minded and look at both sides.”

This email struck me, it also stunted me.

I did not exactly know how to answer. I decided to phone a friend.

My particular friend being Bruce Hirsch, our chemist (the wonder man who concocts the formulas for the company)

I read Bruce the email, we spoke on the topic for almost an hour.

We came to the conclusion which read something like this…

“Pardon my response taking two days, I’ve been writing a lot on the topic of sobriety as of now, and your inquiry stunted me a little.

So, I wanted to converse with our chemist, to get another opinion on where you stand and your interest in using CBD…

We kind of both concluded that we don’t know if you necessarily sound like a candidate in need of using CBD..

You put care and effort into maintaining a clean lifestyle for the benefit of you.

One of our main goals is to urge people to begin the process of implementing positive change in their lives towards being healthy or more health conscious.

CBD is not a magic pill, it’s not a cure all and will not provide instantaneous effect. If the only thing CBD does is start a conversation about your health, thats a job well done in itself.

In this modern day, everyone expects to get well immediately or, perhaps expects big change.. in little time.

CBD is for someone who needs help, who is looking for something. It’s our desire to provide a more gentle and safe option, vs alcohol or weed or pharmaceuticals or whatever the poison may be.

Sobriety is a great comparison, because there is no instant cure to addiction. It’s a long process of implementation of change, you have to work hard to get there.

CBD not only brings awareness of the current issue of the illusion of instant gratification, it provides you with healing and calming kindness to ones body after taking internally or externally.

The way this plant lives… your body also lives this way.

The plants endocannabinoid system produces the same chemicals as our endocannabinoid system. Some people are deficient of these chemicals, that’s why some people respond really well to ingesting the plant. If you are deficient of them you are able to see a reaction to taking CBD more easily.

You don’t really sound like you are lacking much, as you have described yourself, so we wouldn’t exactly say you need CBD.

I hope this is helpful, I love your open mindedness.

It caused me to think differently in order to respond ”

During my phone call with Bruce, he said…

“We are always looking for something. Why do we do anything?”

I think these questions are applicable when asking the original questions.

I.e —-> “Does this have THC in it? Can I use this? I am sober?”

Ask yourself, why am I sober and how vital is it to my livelihood to maintain sobriety? What kind of help do I need?

Answer those questions and then decide for yourself, what kind of assistance do I need?