Targeting imbalance is a process of learning how one’s own self reacts to CBD.

Each of us processes the plant in our own unique way so paying a little bit of attention to the way your body responds can go a very long way in helping the plant work for you.

This is what we hear works best for many

Every 1ml is one squeeze of the bulb on top of the dropper and will contain approximately 35mg of CBD and approximately 5mg of other active cannabinoids

Daily Compliment: 1 ml every day as a part of your routine

Anxiety and stress : 1- 5 ml (35 to 175 mg)

Sleep Aid: 1-2 ml one hour before sleep

Pain Relief: 1-2 ml (or more depending on the severity) and apply topically

Minor cuts/scrapes/burns: apply topically as needed

For your four legged friends

We suggest 2-3 drops per 10 pounds of body weight.

If this is new to you and your pet start with one drop, observe your pet and increase as you feel comfortable.