One Tru Human presents single source organically grown hemp from the Pacific Northwest USA

In an industry that is moving at a million miles an hour, we had to practice absolute care and diligence when selecting the folks we will work with. Engaging the world and meeting people in person has provided us with many great relationships in the industry and we are fortunate to have found the Bates family at Hive Farms in Oregon, USA.

Our History

Single Source, organically grown hemp products.

We proudly offer single-source, organically grown Pacific Northwest Hemp. We work hand in hand with one farm. We extract, finish, formulate and package under our roof from there.

Crop sourcing, what does that entail?

Over the past couple of years we have spent a significant amount of time driving up and down the Pacific Northwest Coast of America, meeting with farmers and producers of hemp flowers and oils.

Marty grows small batch, high quality hemp.

Marty Bates and his family have owned and operated their farm since 1941 and it has seen many changes. The most notable change occurred three years ago when Marty’s son, Sterling, convinced him that hemp would save their struggling dairy business.

Through the caring nature of family is exactly how the Bates farm operates and it is evident in their products. WHICH is why we have chosen them as our exclusive supplier. Over many years and many farms, we couldn’t be any happier to have been blessed with new friends and business partners like the Bates family.

We proudly support the pioneers and little folks in this giant industry and we are even prouder to provide that provenance to you ~ our customers.

What happens next?


It’s very rare in this life, that you come across an individual who dedicates their whole life to making others feel better. Luckily, we came across an amazing person just like that.

His name is Bruce or whom we refer to as The Formulator.

Bruce has been creating formulations since the time when people were not allowed to be creating formulations. Bruce has a nephew with autism, which originally inspired his drive to create an alternative option and since then he has gone on to work with people all over the world to try to ease their pains.

Over the past three years, we have personally witnessed, as well as experienced, in our own bodies – the overwhelmingly positive effects of his creations. At our core, his work inspires our mission and as the years develop and we unlock more secrets of this magical plan, we wait like kids on Christmas morning to see what Bruce will unlock next!


The we bottle them up and send em out!

We have created a very simple 1,2,3 process with as little interference and handling of the plants as possible so we can deliver them to you and you can have the peace of mind that you know just where you product came from.

There’s a One Tru Human product for everyone.