You can do a lot of good, for a lot of parts of you ~ with CBD.

And let me let you in on a little secret, CBD is CBD.

Yes, some is derived from cannabis and some is derived from Hemp.

But it is the same isolated, naturally occurring compound.

(We have a hemp business, if I had a Cannabis license I would speak with you about both of these intelligent plants but in the efforts of choosing a lane ~ I’ll go ahead and stay on track WITH TALK OF HEMP.) 

All these variations…

dog cbd oil, topical cbd cream..

CBD for anxiety…CBD for sleep… CBD for your second cousins bad attitude.

REALLY IT’S ALL THE SAME THING and a sea of marketing bullshit.

Sure, you can mix it up and put some additives in it but at the end of the day the benefits you are looking to receive are all within this naturally occurring compound.

You don’t have to dress it up.

Hemp is an incredibly intelligent plant.

This is one hell of a plant folks, really.

Resilient, strengthening magic power all up in there.


Finding out how to dose yourself properly, is on you.

Yeah, that’s right I said it.

We encourage you to take charge of your own health.

None of this third party, doctor shit.

Most importantly be unafraid and playful.

This is a gentle aid.

Unlike pharmaceuticals.


Mix it into your sunscreen, add it to your moisturizer.

Dab it beneath your eyes before bedtime, add it to your tea.

Rub it on your pussy or penis! Masturbate with it acting as a lubricant.

Open wounds? Apply it to your band-aid or wrap and let it absorb into your pores.

Give it to your loved ones, add it to your grandmother’s glass of milk.